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The Re-Tox restores nutrients back into your body utilizing fresh whole foods to improve your health. Learn how to rid your body of toxins through a natural diet and regain your health. Rid your mind of the food rules of the past and enjoy simple and delicious recipes provided to you. The success guide ensures you are well equiped to handle any situation. The swap guide allows you to choose the foods you like! 



Save time and your sanity trying to figure it out by following the daily meal plan and weekly grocery lists. The natural meal plans are designed to nourish a woman's body and turn it into a fat burning machine. You will rid your body of sugar cravings, crank up your metabolism, and give you the energy to conquer anything that gets thrown your way! It is also registered dietitian nutritionist approved!


Christine has been a Certifed Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition (PN1), one of the worlds most respected nutritional coaching programs since 2013. Christine and PN both believe that the healthiest diet is one that contains a wide variety of nutrient dense foods and does not subscribe to any specific dietary theory. Lessons will be based on the Precision Nutrition coaching program, a holistic approach to achieving your goals.


You will get a weekly 20 minutue metabolic workout with descriptions and images that you can take with you and do anywhere! No equipment needed. The workouts are designed to maximize your fat burning potential to get you fit quickly. There are even 5 bonus quickie workouts that you can do when life throws you curveballs so you can always get one in!

Here it is ladies! It's what you've been waiting for!


You do it all. You juggle everything from work, family, the house, the pets. You know you are supposed to eat right and exercise, you just don't have the time to figure it all out or know where to start. 

It's time to celebrate YOU!


The Re-Tox Recharge Body Mind Makeover is an 8 week whole foods, whole body, whole mind completely DONE FOR YOU transformation program for women! No crazy supplements, elimination of food groups, calorie counting, or food journals. Learn how to optimize your health without all the rules. 


The program is jam packed with information!! Here's what you get:


  • Success Manual

  • Recipe Book- super easy and DE-LIC-IOUS

  • 6 week step by step meal plan with built in free meals so you never feel deprived

  • Weekly grocery lists

  • 20 minute fat-burning workouts you can do anywhere

  • Daily inspiration and information

  • Lessons and practices on mindset, habits, gratitiude and nutrition

  • Private and fabulous FB page (you must have FB to join this program) to engage with other members

  • Accountability

  • 2 weeks of on your own guidance so you continue with success

  • Meetups

  • And SO much more!!


This is your opportunity to put yourself first, regain your energy, find more inner peace and celebrate how fabulous you really are! At the end of the program, you will have developed new healthy habits and a more positive outlook. You will also be looking and feeling healthier, lighter (mentally and physically) and rocking the world with confidence!